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Frequently ask questions;


How long does it take?

The whole process gets done in approximately 120 days


What do I have to do?

Very little on your end.  We do all the leg work you just have to sign the letters we create and forward the responses from the creditors to us for review and response.


Have you ever had a customer you have not been able to help?

No not yet, we have been in business for over 7 years. I suppose it could happen in that case we would refund any monies paid to us.


Why should I use your service?

We are very good at what we do.  We get a positive outcome every time no exceptions.  We will either get the debt wiped out completely or settle it for much less.


Which is the toughest creditor to deal with?

Probably the second most popular question we get asked. In our vast experience no one creditor is more difficult to deal with than another.


How long does a negative item stay on my credit report?

It varies depending on the debt, most things are removed after 7 years, bankruptcy stays on for 10 years.


Is there a statute of limitations on debt?

Yes and it varies from state to state.


How long have you been in business?

7 years and counting


What is your company’s background?

Our CEO and Founder is an industry insider who was a top executive for one of the largest collection agencies in the United States.  Other members of staff are Supreme Court Certified Mediators, licensed Arbitrators and business professionals.


Do I have to pay your fee all upfront?

No you can make monthly payments to us


Do I have to sign an agreement with your company?



How do Ipay you?

We process payments with a debit card or credit card or you can send us a check

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