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Our process


Step One we challenge all of your outstanding debts, we do this two ways; 

  • We do an online challenge directly through one of the three credit bureaus.  Within 30 days you will receive an email directly to you from them with the results of the online challenge.  The report will say one of three things; either the debt remains, updated or is deleted.  Anything deleted is removed from your credit report and you no longer have to pay.
  • We also have created separate written challenge letters for every creditor we challenged online and we emailed those to you and asked you to sign and send them out via certified mail with a return receipt back to you.  Once the creditor signs the certified mail receipt the clock starts for them and they have 30 days to respond.  We further instructed you that when you get the responses to those challenge letters you need to forward them to us so we can review and respond to them accordingly.

The first approximately 60 days of our process is the challenge process.  Once we are satisfied that we have exhausted every opportunity to wipe out the debt, we then move to the settlement process.  At this stage you will be receiving a call from our mediation department.  We will then address each and every outstanding debt left and work out a payment program for much less with a monthly payment that you can afford.  In some instances we have customers that have more debts that what they can afford to even though the outstanding debt is much lower than the original amount, in those instances we take the debts one at time or as many as our customers budget will allow and get the best deal we can again with a monthly payment you can afford.  The settlement process takes approximately 60 days in some cases shorter depending on the amount of the outstanding debts, and in some instances a bit longer for those customers who have a tremendous amount of debt. 


Our process is set up so you know before we do what is happening, the main reason for this is so you can see firsthand the activity going on your account and I always like our customers to get the good news first and directly from the creditors or the credit bureaus.  Please keep in mind that it is very important that when you receive responses from creditors that you get that information to us as quickly as possible so we can review and respond. 


During the 120 day process approximately every 30 days customers receive update memos reminding and confirming that our proven process is on track for each and every customer.

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