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Our story


Approximately 10 years ago I accepted a position as senior executive for one of the largest collection agencies in the United States.  When I went to work for them the immediately sent me to school to learn the industry and I was required to pass a test with a score of 90% or better before starting work.  For the record I got a 95 and felt that I should have gotten 100% as I disagreed with the answer I missed.


For three and a half years I worked in the industry at the executive level.  I know exactly how things work and how to use the rules to the consumer’s advantage.  In fact, once I learned everything I got my own credit score over an 800. 


This business started out just helping friends who got into trouble with their bad debts.  When the banking mess hit I had several friends who worked in the building industry, they were the first and the hardest with all of the foreclosures.  They used their credit cards to try and keep their business going and slowly one by one they started getting collection calls and threats of law suits.  They came to me for help and every time I either got the debt wiped out or substantially settled for much less with a monthly payment they could afford.


In the 7 plus years later we have helped well over 2500 people and I stopped counting 5 years ago.  We are a growing company in fact several of our current employees are past customers.  On Staff we have State Supreme Court Certified Mediators, Licensed Arbitrators,and top business professionals.


One of the things I enjoy most is that every day we resolve our customers outstanding debt issues in a way that best benefits our customers.

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