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Customer Testomonials;


Caroline S.  Philidelphia PA  They setteled my 7500.00 debt to Citibank for under 3000.00 with a monlthy payment that I could afford.  Great company! they delivered exactly what they promised.


Patricia P.  ATlanta GA   Great Job!, resolved my 12000.00 debt to just 3250.00.  I have already recomended this company to many of my friends and family.


Joe S.  Hollywood FL.   Did everything they promised to do and more.  The fee was reasonalbe and my results were better that I thought they would be.  


Dixie M.  Charlestown SC.  The collection calls stopped, They got the debt completely wiped out for me.  I never thought that that would happen.


Kim M. Sarasota FL.  They did a great job, I was able to purchase a new car at a low finance rate after they resolved my issue with American Express.


Joe G.  Nashville TN  I am a business professianal and I negotiate contracts for a living.  I was at an impass with a creditor and a friend recommended them.  To my suprise they were able to settle the debt for much less that I was able to do and what really made me smile is that before I hired them the creditor stated that the offer they made me was as good as it was going to get.  Which turned out not to be the best after all.  DRS settled it for 50 percent less than the best I could do.  


Steve J.  Tampa FL  Solved all of my debt issues, just as they promised.


Mary A. Ocala FL.  I am a senior citizen and never had a debt issue my whole life and recently found myself in financial trouble.  Creditors were threating me, the whole experience was horrible.  They came in started immediately, got everyhing under control and it felt really good to have someone on my side.  They resolved my issues and I am feeling really good again. 


You can also find us on Angies List.  We are very proud to be on Angies List, for several reasons;

  • You cant pay to be on Angies List
  • They completely review all recomendations to make sure that they are valid.
  • You must be a good company.


We are also registered with the BBB










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